Bath Sets

  1. Bamboo Bath Set "damara" 169968

    Bamboo Bath Set
    Sourced of nature. Treat your customers with this exquisite bamboo and green tea bath set. This set...


  2. Bathing set Perth 179258

    Bathing set Perth
    Material: plasticInformation: shower gel (60ml), bath bomb (50g), sponge, Fragrance: frozen sugared...


  3. Bathing Set "salvador" 170010

    Bathing Set
    Happy! Inspire your customers with this joyful bathing set containing a body scrub (50g) body...


  4. Bathrobe 161602

    Bathrobe Kimono - 100% Cotton terry in sizes M/L, XL/XXL - white or navy. MOQ for white 100 pcs,...

    £9.83 EACH

  5. Bath Set "avion" 113438

    Bath Set
    Pure luxury! Spoil your customers with this elegant bath set consisting of a shower gel bath foam...


  6. Brian Pen 10194009

    Brian Pen
    Qjbfqkjbfkqejbfkqjebfkwqelfjbqklejbf ;qknflqknfljke

    £3.86 EACH

  7. Cinnamon Wellness Set 56838

    Cinnamon Wellness Set
    A pleasant bath that cares for your body is a particular pleasure. ItÂ’s even more pleasurable with...

    £11.49 EACH

  8. EPSOM BATH SALTS 187011

    EPSOM BATH SALTS Shot of body soothing salts for a pampering soak. Available in pouch or corked...

    £1.24 EACH

  9. PALACE 220063

    Long-sleeved bathrobe with pockets. Microfiber. One unique size XL.

    £22.73 EACH

  10. SAUNA 220055

    Bath set in poly/cotton including slippers and bathrobe.

    £18.73 EACH

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