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  1. 100mm Button Badge 31778

    100mm Button Badge
    100mm Button Badge with a Plastic Back and Safety Pin. Great size for wearing for all to see!

    £668.28 EACH

  2. 150mm Round 306872

    150mm Round
    150mm Round

    £1501.13 EACH

  3. 25mm Button Badge 31783

    25mm Button Badge
    25mm Button Badge with safety pin fixing or metal back 'd' pin.

    £226.82 EACH

  4. 32mm Round 306869

    32mm Round
    32mm Round Button Badge

    £237.06 EACH

  5. 32mm Square Button Badge 705103241

    32mm Square Button Badge
    32mm Square Button Badge

    £301.78 EACH

  6. 38mm Button Badge 30784

    38mm Button Badge
    Comes with plastic back and safety pin or "child safe" clip back. 40% recycled material used and...

    £273.00 EACH

  7. 38mm Round 306870

    38mm Round
    38mm Round Button Badge

    £273.00 EACH

  8. 45mm Round 306871

    45mm Round
    45mm Round Button Badge

    £310.20 EACH

  9. 57mm Button Badge 705103242

    57mm Button Badge
    57mm button badge with plastic back and safety pin or child friendly clip back. Please note charges...

    £263.33 EACH

  10. 77mm Button Badge 31022

    77mm Button Badge
    Can be supplied with a Child Safe Clip fitting or a Pin fitting. They are both the same price

    £422.24 EACH

  11. Oblong Button Badge 708115867

    Oblong Button Badge
    Oblong button badge (70 x 43mm). Can be worn/printed as horizontal or vertical. Please note 1000...

    £522.80 EACH

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