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  1. Acrylic Ice Scraper 188902

    Acrylic Ice Scraper
    A high quality, solid and stylish ice scraper designed by Toppoint. The ice scraper is made from...

    £3.64 EACH

  2. Air vent holder magnetic 275544

    Air vent holder magnetic
    Magnetic holder which has two parts: a metal part with a sticker to attach to the back of your...

    £3.94 EACH

  3. Air vent holder spring 275545

    Air vent holder spring
    Smartphone holder with spring. Easy to convert your air vent into a car kit.

    £1.58 EACH

  4. Bike Bell 167563

    Bike Bell
    Metal bell on a plastic holder. Top with cut out for doming.

    £3.34 EACH

  5. Bikelight Duo 275554

    Bikelight Duo
    Intelligent duo bike light. Can be used as a front or backlight. The elastic attached to the bike...

    £2.75 EACH

  6. Bike lights 167558

    Bike lights
    Set of 2 bike lights in a firm plastic packaging. 1 red and 1 white bike light, You can switch on...

    £5.69 EACH

  7. Clip-on light 275581

    Clip-on light
    A light that is easy to attach onto clothes and bags. Can also be used as a front or backlight....

    £2.62 EACH

  8. De-icer 187065

    DE-ICER . 150ml Aerosol de-icer spray. Perfect for unfreezing your windscreen. Black cap with a...

    £5.78 EACH

  9. Foldable Funnel 167309

    Foldable Funnel
    Foldable Toppoint designed funnel to refill the windscreen wiper fluid. Plastic box with foldable...

    £4.48 EACH

  10. Fold-on light 275582

    Fold-on light
    Handy light that you can fold onto your bike's handlebars or into your bag.

    £2.09 EACH

  11. Frosty Ice scraper 167365

    Frosty Ice scraper
    Small but extremly handy

    £0.69 EACH

  12. Frosty Ice scraper 243123

    Frosty Ice scraper
    Frosty ice scraper with large print area. A best seller in the ice scrapers category.

    £1.07 EACH

  13. Ice Scraper 243122

    Ice Scraper
    Ice scraper with comfortable handle because of the soft nylon material. Printing possible on the...

    £1.84 EACH

  14. Ice Scraper 3-in-1 167333

    Ice Scraper 3-in-1
    Toppoint designed hardcolour ice scraper with sponge and wiper. An useful promotional product with...

    £1.81 EACH

  15. Ice scraper triangle 167367

    Ice scraper triangle
    Hardcolour ice scraper. Triangular model.

    £0.27 EACH

  16. Little Ice Scraper 167368

    Little Ice Scraper
    Little frosted ice scraper. Rectangle model.

    £0.57 EACH

  17. Mini De-icer 183085

    Mini De-icer
    MINI DE-ICER 25ml Perfect for de-icing locks and handles. British made recycled and recyclable...

    £3.00 EACH


    MINI VALET PACK . Keep your interior clean and sparkly with this versatile cleaning spray and...

    £5.32 EACH

  19. Mini Winter Driving Pack 187072

    Mini Winter Driving Pack
    MINI WINTER DRIVING PACK . Stay frost-free this winter - containing 25ml de-icer chamois and credit...

    £10.44 EACH

  20. Parking disc France 188903

    Parking disc France
    A paper parking disc which complies with the laws of France. There is a big print area on the back...

    £0.75 EACH

  21. Parking disc ice scraper Europe 188904

    Parking disc ice scraper Europe
    A parking disc and ice scraper which is designed by Toppoint. The parking disc complies with the...

    £1.34 EACH

  22. Park-n-Shop 275604

    The everlasting search for a coin to use in your shopping trolley is now over. With the Park-n-Shop...

    £0.60 EACH

  23. Pressure Gauge Wen 240248

    Pressure Gauge Wen
    Aluminium tyre pressure guage.

    £2.43 EACH

  24. Round Disc Holder 248575

    Round Disc Holder
    Self cling PVC welded disc holder.

    £1.02 EACH

  25. Saddle Cover 167288

    Saddle Cover
    Notable gifts: polyester elastic saddle cover. Easy to cover the bicycle saddle.

    £1.17 EACH

  26. Shield Tax Disc Holder 248576

    Shield Tax Disc Holder
    Adhesive PVC welded shield shape tax disc holder with print positions available on inward and...

    £1.34 EACH

  27. Summer Car Care 188505

    Summer Car Care
    SUMMER CAR CARE . Trigger pump Glass Cleaner quality Car Shampoo and a perforated chamois cloth....

    £16.49 EACH

  28. Ticket Holder 167412

    Ticket Holder
    Transparent parking ticket holder. Ensures that the parking ticket does not fall off your dashboard.

    £0.35 EACH

  29. Tire Repair Kit 188889

    Tire Repair Kit
    Tire repair kit for the bicycle. Contains: glue, 2 tire levers, 2 valve caps, 2 valve hoses, a...

    £3.37 EACH

  30. Winter Driving Pack 187067

    Winter Driving Pack
    WINTER DRIVING PACK . Stay frost-free this winter with this Driving Pack - containing a de-icer...

    £13.99 EACH

  31. Wiper with spray 275560

    Wiper with spray
    A window wiper with a built in sprayer! Handy! Clean dirty surfaces with a spray and a wipe. It...

    £3.91 EACH